Severe Weather Information

School Closures: If we have serious snow overnight, staff will do their utmost to get into school, so there is little likelihood of a school closure due to snow.  However, in the unlikely event of having to close the school due to extreme weather, a closure message will be sent via text and a message will be put on the school website.  The Leeds City Council website now has a real time link showing which schools are closed so if we are not on that list, the school is OPEN.  Radio stations will be accessing that information live and broadcasting regular updates.

Snowy weather when school remains open:  If there is in excess of 10 cm of snow on the ground and school is open the following arrangements will apply: only the main gate will be unlocked. Paths will be cleared and gritted to the entrances for the children.  The register will not be taken until 9.30 to give you a bit longer to get the children to school.  At the end of the day children can be picked up from their normal exits.  If we get serious blizzard conditions during the school day and it starts to look as though roads are clogging up and/or the city centre begins to gridlock, we would urge you to use your own judgement and come for your child/ren during the afternoon.

Frosty conditions/black ice/light snow (less than 5 cm): On frosty mornings we urge you to proceed with extreme caution.  Paths will be gritted from the gates to the children’s entrances.  We advise that you stick to these paths for your own and the children’s safety, and do not take alternative routes across the playgrounds.  During the day staff will carry out risk assessments before allowing children to play out on the playgrounds.  May we respectfully remind you that before school (8.55) the children are your responsibility.

Winter outdoor clothes: Please ensure that in the cold weather your child is adequately dressed i.e. warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf and boots or other adequate footwear.  On days that they are likely to play out in the snow, they also need a spare pair of socks.

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