Junior Leadership Council

Junior Leadership Council

We have a thriving Junior Leadership Team that comprises many different roles and responsibilities. Every class from Year 1 upwards has representation on the various teams and we actively encourage all the children to be part of at least one team whilst they are in school.

Various members of staff oversee the teams and they are co-ordinated by Mrs Ellison. The teams meet at fixed points during a Half Term. They discuss how they can support our Weetwood community and bring forward ideas and suggestions from their classes that can further develop the school. Teachers ensure that time is allowed to feedback from the last meeting and to take to the Junior Leadership Council any issues of concern from the pupils in the class.


The Junior Leadership Council comprises the following teams:

  • Junior Leadership Team

  • School Council

  • Eco-Team

  • Community Cheerleaders

  • Reading Buddies

  • School Food Ambassadors

  • Sport Team

  • Art Team

  • Tour Guides

  • Office Staff

Each of the teams have a focus for the academic year (2019/20):


Team Visions:

School Food Ambassadors

To review and update the schools packed lunch policy and to monitor this throughout school.

To monitor and evaluate the school lunch menu.


School Council

We want to raise awareness of local, national and global concerns, raise money and awareness for good causes, discuss school issues and suggest ways to develop and improve.


Junior Leadership Team

To support the SLT in developing the school curriculum and School Improvement Plan.

To take part in learning walks around school.

To take on small projects such as new assembly certificates.


Community Cheerleaders

To visit elderly residents once a month at Orchard Court. Keep interaction with both ages by engaging in learning through educational and fun activities.


PE Team

To gather feedback from classes about PE provision and promote a positive attitude to PE.    Help with organising Sports day.

Eco Team

We will promote key sustainable practise, using  our own key interests and identified need in school, our community and the wider world.


Art Team

To encourage all classes to be involved in arts activities during 2019-20 (including art, music, dance, drama and digitalmedia.)


Reading Buddies

To promote a love of reading in reluctant readers.

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