Remote Learning

Distance learning for those children affected by Covid 19.

Remote learning can be accessed in the following situations:

  1. If your child is isolating or waiting for test results

  2. Your child has to stay in quarantine for 14 days due to a family member testing positive for Coronavirus

  3. If the class or bubble has to shut down for a period of 14 days due to a positive case of Covid 19 in that bubble.


Situation 1 and 2 – What will school offer?

Teaching staff will upload, on a weekly basis, activities for your child to complete. These will incorporate, English, Maths, Science and Topic. These will be uploaded by 9am on Monday morning on the Google Classroom (Year 1-6) or on Tapestry (Reception and Nursery). Please note: teaching staff will check the platform at least once a week and provide a weekly comment.


Situation 3 – What will school offer?

Unless the class teacher shows signs of Covid 19 and is subsequently unwell, they will upload daily activities to the Google classroom (Years 1-6) or Tapestry (Reception and Nursery). The lessons will be a blend of English, Maths, Topic, Science, Art and RE. The class teachers will stick to the current class timetable as much as possible. Work submitted by the end of the school day will be marked and commented on by the class teachers daily. Where possible, teachers will organise small virtual sessions each day with groups of children in their class. This will be to discuss a question related to PSHE or for snack and chat or for a general catch up. The teachers will do this through Google meet and will share a link with you. Your class teacher will communicate with you either through Google classroom or via Dojo. Please note: If the class teacher is ill, they will inform you and sign post you to other forms of distance learning.



Code of Conduct and safeguarding procedures

It is important that all staff who interact with children, including online, continue to look out for signs a child may be at risk. Any such concerns will be dealt with as per the Child Protection Policy and where appropriate referrals will still be made to children’s social care and as required, the police.

Weetwood will ensure any use of online learning tools and systems is in line with privacy and data protection/GDPR requirements.


•​No 1:1 lessons, class bubbles groups only. 

•​Staff, children and any other people present in the household must wear suitable clothing, as should anyone else in the household. No night wear, swimwear. Children must be fully clothed.

•​Any computers used should be in appropriate areas, for example, indoors only, not in bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms.

•​The live class will be recorded so that if any issues were to arise, the video can be reviewed.

•​Live classes will be kept to a reasonable length of time, or the streaming may prevent the family ‘getting on’ with their day.

•​Language must be professional and appropriate, including any family members in the background.

•Children will be expected to behave in the same way as they would in school, i.e. respectful to the teacher and to each other and listen attentively

•​Staff must only use platforms specified by senior managers and approved by our IT network manager / provider to communicate with pupils.

•A parent must supervise the child during the Google meet by being in the same room as the child but away from the screen. 

•Parents must not call teachers directly on Google meet as staff are instructed not to answer.

•Parents with any safeguarding concerns should contact the head teacher.


Any breaking of this code of conduct and safeguarding procedures will result in the child being removed from that Google meet and will be reported to the head teacher who will contact the family.

Technology can and often will go wrong but we will try our best. Teachers are preparing for these remote learning lessons right now and it is a very steep learning curve.  Should a bubble lockdown occur in the very near future things may not run as smoothly as they will when we are all more confident in a few weeks’ time. The same of course goes for you as parents and I’m sure lots of us have experienced technical difficulties in our own remote working situations. 


We appreciate the continued support in these incredibly difficult and unpredictable times.

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