School New#5

Dear Parent/Carers,

I hope this newsletter finds you well, we have had a couple of busy weeks in school and it feels wonderful to be getting closer to ‘normal’. As part of our curriculum, we aim to bring the learning to life, on Tuesday, Year 5 had an excellent workshop handling artefacts from World War 1. Year 6 also had a wonderful workshop with a lady from the Saltaire Village Experience. The lady is a local historian that assumed the character of a person who lived in Saltaire at the time of Titus Salt. She remained in role all afternoon and gave all the children a character. Year 6 had great fun finding out about what life was really like and how Titus Salt wasn’t as much of a hero as they first thought!



Antibullying Week


This week we have marked Antibullying Week, this year’s theme is ‘One Kind Word’. School council and Mrs McLane planned this week’s events, starting with odd socks on Monday and a whole school assembly on Tuesday. The school council members thought about their kind words and the other pupils explained how they could achieve them. Mrs McLane also challenged the children to design their own odd socks, all the entries were brilliant, check out the winners below!Well done Oscar, Albie, Rocco, Iona, Abdullah, Florence, Vaibhavi and Noah.





Share Our Learning

We are excited to have you in school again, thank you if you have already attended the Reception stay and play, here is a reminder of the other dates.

Year Group




19th and 26th November (Mrs Davis will allocate you a date)


Year 4

19th November


Year 3

22nd November


Year 2

23rd November


Year 5

24th November


Year 1

25th November


Year 6

26th November




Christmas Nativity

We are busy beginning to practise for the school nativity plays and shows, please note down the dates in your diary!


Year Group performing:


Wednesday 8th December-10am

Nursery and Reception

Nursery parents

Wednesday 8th December-2pm

Nursery and Reception

Reception parents

Monday 13th December -2.15pm

Year 3 and 4

Year 3 Parents

Tuesday 14th December-10am

Year 1 and 2

Year 1 parents

Tuesday 14th December – 2.15pm

Year 3 and 4

Year 4 parents

Wednesday 15th December-10am

Year 1 and 2

Year 2 parents

Wednesday 15th December-2.15pm

Year 5 and 6

Year 5 parents

Thursday 16th December – 2.15pm

Year 5 and 6

Year 6 parents





Please can I remind you of the school’s PE uniform policy. Pupils should wear a plain red t-shirt, black shorts, jogging bottoms or leggings and a red hoodie or zip up hoodie. Please do not send your child to school in football shirts or patterned leggings, thank you for your anticipated support. If your child is absent from school, please call the school office on 01133230450 and leave message.


Dates for the Diary



Up and coming events:

W.C. 22.11.21

Share Our Learning (See above)


Deadline for Christmas wreaths.


No Pens Day


Reception and Nursery Christmas Shows (See above)


Christmas Fair – 6pm-8pm.

W.C. 13.12.21

Years 1-6 Christmas Shows – look out for dates. (See above)

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