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Weetwood Primary School Curriculum


At Weetwood Primary School, we have introduced the new primary curriculum and are committed to ensuring pupils learn key knowledge and concepts for all subjects in greater depth through carefully planned learning progression. 

Our curriculum threads SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) across all subject areas and school life and ensures pupils are aware of the history and values of Britain and prepares pupils for life in modern Britain. 

We teach children how to keep safe; this includes assemblies and teaching through PSHE and sessions from specialist support agencies- for example related to online safety and SRE. 

There is high expectation for all groups of pupils with challenging learning for all; our aim is ‘pace with depth’. 

High quality AFL (Assessment for Learning) is used to personalise learning for all groups of learners maximising their rates of progress. Pupils are encouraged to learn from mistakes developing resilience and good learning behaviours. 

At Weetwood Primary School,we have worked hard to develop assessment for the new national primary curriculum. Our new school system incorporates the following principles: 

* Formative and summative assessment is used to improve teaching and learning and raise achievement. 

* Accurate and moderated assessment drawing upon a range of evidence with baseline. 

* Evaluates how well pupils are doing against age related expectations and identifies pupils falling behind ensuring there is aspirational challenge for all groups of learners. 

* Reporting to parents will make sure parents understand how well their children are doing against national standards and the progress being made


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