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School Mission Statement & Aims

Respecting each other, 

Expecting our best, 

Learning in a happy school. 

We feel it is our task to identify the needs of pupils and help them to:

  • Develop values and attitudes such as self-respect, curiosity, open-mindedness, justice and fairness; 

  • Develop skills for intellectual, physical, emotional and social learning; 

  • Acquire knowledge in a way that encourages concept formation, independent learning and self-assessment;

  • Be properly equipped with the skills they will need to have control over their own lives and environment, and to be able to take a positive role in the community;

  • Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for now and for their future family, community and work roles; 

  • Begin to understand the complex world in which they live; 

  • Become aware of their environment, locally, nationally and globally, of its ecological importance and the influences of human beings upon it; 

  • Appreciate, and develop the confidence to contribute to human achievements; 

  • Value and have confidence in themselves, to care for others and recognise our human interdependence as individuals, groups and nations; 

  • Learn important social skills through interaction with others, thus enabling them to take responsibility for their own actions and become aware that these have an effect on the wider environment.

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