“Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures.” 

 - The National Curriculum 2014


Through our French curriculum the pupils at Weetwood will develop a love for learning a new language with the aim of becoming global citizens. Learning French will develop our pupils for living and working in modern Britain, a multi-cultural and multi lingual society or inspire them to go on and have careers within languages and make use of languages effectively in their everyday lives. Our pupils will be taught languages in a way that ensures progression of skills and follows a sequence to build on previous learning. Our French curriculum has opportunities built in for pupils to link language learning to other areas of the curriculum such as geography, art and science.  Learning French will develop a knowledge of French speaking countries and identify cultural differences and develop a tolerance of diversity within society.


We use the French scheme ‘Kapow’ to ensure that we follow a broad and balanced languages curriculum that builds on previous learning and provides both support and challenge for learners. At Weetwood we recognise that the Covid-19 pandemic has had an effect on the languages teaching provided within school, as we evaluate and review our curriculum we have made the decision to teach all pupils the Year 3 curriculum and year by year begin to build in the progression of skills ensuring all children have a solid foundation to their language learning. All Key Stage 2 classes will have a scheduled language lesson each week, this will be taught by a fluent French speaker, class teachers will have the opportunity for professional development and build their own confidence in language teaching. Class teachers will build on the skills taught in language lessons throughout the week, making links to other subjects and providing opportunities to practise skills.


First and foremost we want our pupils to enjoy and value language learning and be able to articulate the importance of language learning, taking into account the building up of skills and the value of cultural understanding. Teachers will keep records of pupils’ attainment by monitoring progress in lessons against the skills set out in The National Curriculum. Floor books will be used to showcase pupils work in each lesson, photographs, writing, audio clips and much more will showcase pupils’ successes and enjoyment. The languages curriculum will contribute to pupils’ personal development in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. This would be seen in them being able to talk confidently about their work, and sharing their work with others.