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We hope that this prospectus will give you a flavour of the rich and varied life at our school.

There are many important aspects to Weetwood Primary School. Amongst those that we value most are the positive, family atmosphere and the emphasis placed on mutual respect. We are also proud of the staff and pupils, who are friendly and welcoming.


It is important to us that every child enjoys school and feels a sense of belonging. We are proud of our inclusive ethos, in which all contributions to the school community are valued and pupils are given the opportunity to achieve their best.


By providing a broad curriculum, we are able to develop each child’s interests and horizons, and recognise individual talents. We aim to educate the whole child, reinforcing positive social, cultural and moral values in our assemblies and through the curriculum. Pupils are given the opportunity to contribute through the School Council and regular class circle times, and to celebrate their success at our “Wizards and Superstars” assemblies.


For most children, starting school will bring them into contact with their peers in greater numbers and for longer periods than they have previously experienced. They will be away from parents and carers for more time than ever before and will experience a range of different activities and situations. To ensure that this transition period runs smoothly, we endeavour to provide a secure and exciting environment in which your child will quickly learn to co-operate and respond positively to others.


Choosing your child’s school is an important decision and we welcome the opportunity to meet parents and carers of prospective pupils. If there are any points, which need further discussion, then we will be only too happy to discuss them with you.


Please contact us arrange a convenient time to look round and talk to staff: 


Phone: 0113 3230450



Prospectus 2023/2024

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