Weetwood Staff


Senior Leadership Team 

Headteacher – Mr Jon Iglesias

Deputy Headteacher/Key Stage 2 leader -Mrs Anna Ellison

Key Stage 1 Leader – Miss Sara Westlake

Foundation Stage Leader – Miss Natasha Fisk


Foundation Stage 

Mrs Helen Davis – Nursery Teacher 

Miss Natasha Fisk – Reception Teacher 


Mrs Meena Dosanjh – Nursery Officer 

Mrs Kim Budwal – Nursery TA 

Ms Bethany Dalton – Nursery TA  

Mrs Yesim Ozyalin – Nursery TA 

Miss Rebecca Wynne – Reception TA

Mrs Jane Burdin – Reception 1:1 TA

Key Stage 1 

Mrs Pauline Fisher – Year 1

Miss Sara Westlake – Year 2


Miss Isabella Gray – Reception 1:1 TA

Mrs Chantelle Lock – Year 1 TA

Mrs Judith Ward – Year 2 TA

Key Stage 2 

Miss Jane Harper – Year 3

Miss Emily Davison (Maternity cover for Mrs Charlotte Parkinson – Year 4

Mrs Joanne Parker – Year 5 (Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs Anna Ellison – Year 5 (Wednesday to Friday)

Mrs Ria McLane– Year 6



Mr Callum Crawford - Year 3 TA (Monday/Tuesday)

Mrs Pauline Gilmore – Year 3 TA (Wednesday-Friday)

Mrs Sally Watkins – Year 4 TA

Mrs Hannah Hawkins – Year 5 TA

Miss Jessica Boon – Year 6 TA

Miss Ella Riding – 1:1 SEN TA

Miss Katie Rowley – 1:1 SEN TA

Mrs Rita Gibson – 1:1 SEN TA

Miss Katrina Mayock – 1:1 SEN T


Working across school 

Mrs Sarah Lowe – PE / Lego Therapy

Mrs Anna Horsman (HLTA) – Art / DT

Mrs Lynn Russam (Speech and Language champion)


Office Staff 

Mrs Karen Mason 

Mrs Christine Jaques 


Site Manager

Mr Darren Clarkson 


External Providers

Miss Annabel Brodie - Chatterbugs Speech and Language

Ms Ana Hyrabedian - Art therapist IMPACT North

Mrs Hannah Dilworth - Made with music

Mrs Kathryn Sturman - Made with music

Ms Palva Beier - Drama provider


Let's Make A Change


Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Headteacher: Mr Jon Iglesias 

SENCo: Mrs Anna Ellison 

Weetwood Primary School, Weetwood Lane, Leeds, LS16 5NW 

Telephone Number: 0113 3230450

Email contact: bursar@weetwoodprimary.co.uk

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